Continuing with this printable calendar I found on Mastodon.

Jan 2: Make time to do something kind for yourself.

Well, I usually don’t have a problem being kind to myself, so this should be a snap. Let’s see, what could I do?

  • food – I’m always getting myself decent food. Too run-of-the-mill.

  • health – I’m stuck lying in bed on my back today, so that’s about as kind as I can be in this situation

  • family – be with them. I think this is probably the best bet. I’ll have to convince someone to come in the bedroom and watch TV with me. My daughter won’t take any convincing. We’ll try that.

How it went
I didn't get my daughter to come join me after all, there wasn't enough opportunity with me being flat on my back. However, I did get up and make myself some tea, so that will have to do for this one.