Ruby can be tricky to upgrade. WhenI went from ruby-1.9.3-p192 to ruby-1.9.3-p327, my development Spree store stopped working because of the debugger gem. After some research, I found that I had to run the command gem pristine debugger-linecache to get it working after the upgrade.

After upgrading from ruby-1.9.3-p327 to ruby-1.9.3-p362, I started getting segfaults when trying to run Spree. As it turns out, it really was a ruby bug and so I downgraded from p362 back to p327 and waited for the next version.

Now that p374 is out and claims to fix the segfaults, I wanted to give it a try. Upgrading was no easy feat this time either, in fact, it was the most complicated yet.

I tried upgrading through rvm with the rvm upgrade ruby-1.9.3-p327 ruby-1.9.3-p374 command (this is on Ubuntu 12.04.1). That failed with a message saying to read the log, which told me there was no checksum available for the ruby download, but I could force it anyway.

Rather than do that, I did some quick research and decided to update rvm with rvm get latest. This worked, but I did an extra rvm reload anyway just to be sure. Unfortunately, I forgot to do the reload in my other open shell window as well, so it gently reminded me to do so when I tried using it. Not only that, even after rvm had been reloaded I had trouble with gems being found after the ruby upgrade. I had to reload rvm once more after the ruby upgrade completed for bundler to work.

After doing the update, rvm was then able to upgrade ruby to p374. However the gemset pristine portion of the upgrade failed due to not being able to recompile some of the gems. I believe this is caused by the error I was able to fix next.

I then did a bundle install and tried to run the store, but got the error cannot load such file -- After more gnashing of teeth, I found this could be fixed by bundle update debugger. Rather than that however, it probably makes more sense to run bundle update by itself after upgrading ruby since that will bring all gems up-to-date. Although I try to avoid making such a major shakeup to the gems the store is relying on, when you’re shifting the ruby version underneath it all, it probably makes sense to give them all a chance to rebuild against it.

That wasn’t everything though. Once I tried to run the store again, I got the error cannot load such file -- trace_nums. I’d dealt with this one before, however, when I upgraded to p327, so I knew how to solve it. gem pristine debugger-linecache did the trick. After that, the store ran just dandy! Ugh.

So the routine is basically:

# remember to "rvm reload" all windows
rvm get latest
rvm upgrade [old version] [new version]
rvm reload
bundle update
gem pristine debugger-linecache